I really like the energy in your song Bye Bully ! The music and vocals are of good quality, they bring a specific atmosphere a lot of listeners are looking for! 
Right off the bat I can tell you have a real passion for the music you write and perform because the second your verse came in I was grooving. You did a great job of hitting the right notes for the background music, where I felt it melt into the flow of the beat. Some of the highlights for me was the start of the first verse, the catchy chorus, and the ease at which you delivered your well written lyrics. I thought the music was played great and was very catchy. I'm giving this a thumbs up! 
This song is so great I can't stop playing it! I love that Kiss/Mötley Crüe/Van Halen/Heart style... It's not one of those, it's all of them in a style you created! Awesome!!!
"Bye Bully" is a energy-laden rock track that takes you on a high adrenaline trip. The voice is really powerful and professional, the guitar riffs very solid both rhythmically and melodically. Thank you for sharing this rock firecracker. Awesome song!!! -Tan Ses
Wonderful ZZ Top - like driving rock tune. I believe this song has great commercial potential and is very promotable. I do think the hook should enter a little earlier but it is very strong. Good production and arrangement. Instrumentation is awesome. Great job!.
Reminds me of Billy Idol. Great vibe and opening lines in your song.. I like the groove and overall melody of the song- Well Done!
BREATHE REVIEW:  I can definitely hear the Bowie influence, I was thinking like, maybe "fame" or "modern love" especially on some of the production and the choral guitar sounds. The vocal is sultry and reminds me of someone like Grace Jones. Lovely 80's vibe aswell Thanks again! Wayne 
TIME REVIEW: Such a heartfelt song. I enjoyed your voice, the lyrics and the instrumentals. The video with the lyrics just made me love the song even more. Very nicely done. I am going to share with my blog readers and podcast listeners! 
BREATHE REVIEW:  Love the expressive theatrics throughout. Great performance!!